“Eat Tastier. Eat Healthier.”

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Mark Twain once said he could “dine for two months on a good compliment”. If that is true, a recent Tweet from a customer could probably keep us going until Fall. A tweet from @chadtameling captured what we are hoping to achieve in just a few short words: “Thanks for another great order! @fresh2home. Our […]

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Get yer shovel

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At dinner parties my wife often has to remind me that sex, religion and politics are not topics for polite conversation. Lately it seems you can add climate change to that list. Whether you are an optimist, pessimist or realist when it comes to climate change, there is no denying that a trip down the […]

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Enjoy your work!

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One of my favourite parts of every week is when Marco from Solo Italia delivers his incredible pizza and pasta. His passion for his outstanding product is remarkable – but it is actually his parting words that I enjoy the most. When Marco leaves our warehouse he always says, “Enjoy your work!”, instead of “goodbye”. […]

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