Here is 5 of 10 on our Thankful list (5 to follow in Wednesday’s post)

  1. Our Producers – You are amazing!  Thanks so much for being partners in our vision of a better more sustainable Food System in Saskatchewan.  Over the past 3 years we have learned so much about logistics, packaging, labelling, storage etc…and our producers have been key to helping us through some of the hurdles we have come up against.  Without the producers we would not have product to sell to our…
  2. Customers – You are passionate, loyal, kind, appreciative, and super supportive of our vision and mission with Local and Fresh.  We recognise that we have had a learning curve and for those of you that have been with us from day one to those that have just joined THANKYOU so much for cheering us on to keep true to our vision and keep pushing to achieve it!
  3. Chefs – A division of Local and Fresh that we don’t talk about enough is our growing Food Service division.  We work with close to 20 different local Restaurants and institutions in Regina.  The passion that these chefs have towards Local Foods is inspiring.  We are so fortunate to have a vibrant Food scene in Regina!  Because of this group of chefs and business owners commitment to Local Food we have been able to get bulk buy pricing or commit to some of our producers entire crops which enables us to get the best pricing possible and streamline logistics.
  4. Team Local and Fresh – We have an incredible team at Local and Fresh.  THANKYOU to each and every one of them that contributes day in and day out to our success.    We couldn’t ask for a more passionate and driven team.  Driven to make the customer experience second to none.  Driven to make our producers day a little better every time we talk to them or they stop by with product.  Finally driven by a vision that Team Local and Fresh is collectively striving to achieve…A stronger, more sustainable Food System in Saskatchewan.
  5. Speaking of logistics…Logistic providers – This is the back end of your food’s journey.  I am happy to say that you can rest easy knowing your food didn’t board the plane somewhere across the ocean… We are LOCAL and Fresh which means that our product travels far less miles.  That being said Logistics are still 70% of our business and we have some GREAT partners.  Aero Distributing keeps us going by being our Hub in Saskatoon for producers to drop off weekly.  The product is delivered over night and tucked into the Aero Distributing Warehouse cooler or Freezer ready for us to pickup in the morning.  Many of our Producers deliver direct and we love our chats with them.  Sometimes it is the producer themselves or others it may be a delivery driver for them.  Either way these logistic providers are so important to making Local and Fresh work as efficiently as it does.