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What we do

Buying local food can be hard for a busy family.

I think that many of us would love to purchase more items locally but there are barriers.  Locally grown foods are often hard to find or time consuming to connect with the right person at the right time.  It typically means making multiple relationships with multiple producers to get everything we need.  There is also a perception that Local is always more expensive.  We are working really hard to break down these barriers and make Local Foods, convenient to access, readily available and economical.

What if the local food came to you?

We deliver locally produced groceries to your home or workplace 6-days a week. Select from over 1000 local products and a range of delivery options like before and after work, on the weekend, or choose to order for pickup at our Warehouse.

Whether it’s grass-fed steak, free range chickens and their eggs, produce from year-round greenhouses, fresh bread, locally roasted coffee, ready-to eat items, craft beers, amazing local sweets and treats, cleaning supplies, bath and body products, and much, much more – we want to make it easier to buy, and most importantly, EAT nutritious and delicious local food. We are passionate about helping to grow the variety and availability of local food.

Who we are

Tim and Carla Shultz are 4th generation farmers.  You may have ran into them once upon a time at the Regina Farmers market at their farm booth, The Green Ranch.  As young entrepreneurs trying to make a go in agriculture they diversified into direct to consumer marketing with their vegetable farm.  They quickly realized the need for a better way to market their product.  Tim would spend most of the week away from the farm selling his product while Carla would watch over the team on the farm…along with their two young children.  Tim found his passion in direct marketing and connecting with consumers so with their connections in the Local Food Industry they quickly put together a great list of producers and launched Local and Fresh with co-founders Andrew and Jennifer Rathwell.

Why we do it

The goal of Local & Fresh is to grow the size and sustainability of the local food network by making it easier for consumers to choose local food options.

At the same time we seek to help producers grow by increasing the size and access to the local food market as well as the efficiency of the local food distribution system.

When you buy local, you’re supporting your friends, your neighbours, and people who live where you live.

Quality. Sustainability.


How it Works

There is more detail on how it works here. Hit “Shop” in the top left menu. Create an account and register with a credit card or choose Debit on Delivery. Choose your delivery times or pickup times (there are several delivery times and days for each part of the city). There is a minimum order of $50 but the delivery fee of $8 is reduced if you order more than $200.You can change your order up until the delivery cutoff time (48hr before your order is due to be delivered or for Express routes – 24 hrs)


Local & Fresh has a comprehensive list of over 1000 different grocery products from over 70 different producers across Saskatchewan and dipping into Manitoba and Alberta for a couple different products. If you have a favourite farmer or local product that you would like to add to the list, email us. Check back here as we continue to add new suppliers and farms to the Local & Fresh Family.

See Our Producers!


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  • Q: Why Local?

    A:  It supports our community and producers and creates a robust, secure food market in and around #yqr

  • Q: Do you deliver anywhere outside #yqr?

    A:  Yes we do!!  We currently deliver to White City/Emerald Park, Pilot Butte, and Weyburn. If you want to see the L & F truck in your town, let us know.

  • Q: What kind of products are available?

    A:  Pretty much all the staple items you’d get at any grocery store: meat, dairy, eggs, vegetables & fruit, baking, coffee, tea, prepared meals, cleaning supplies, bath and body products and many other great SK products!

  • Q: Does L&F delivery add a bunch of cost to my grocery bill?

    A: We have to gas up the truck like anyone else, but your costs will be about the same as a trip to the store, minus the impulse candy and assorted plastic junk for the kids.

  • Q: Does L&F offer organic food?

    A: Many of our suppliers are organic, but we are not exclusively organic. We are exclusively local!

  • Q: So, can I get strawberries in January?

    A: You can frozen ones from us!! We work with producers that freeze their summer production so we can sell a local product all year around.

  • Q: Do you have a store I can shop in?

    A: You can come and shop at our warehouse!!. We are open Monday – Thursday 4:00-5:30 and Friday – Saturday 9:00-1:00 for you to either pickup your order or browse and shop the warehouse without placing an order.

  • Q: How often can I shop?

    A: As frequently as you like!!  Ultimately it depends on how you eat and how many are in your home, but once a week is average.

  • Q: How much does delivery cost?

    A: $8 per delivery but it is free for orders over $200. We have “economy routes” where the fee is only $4 and its always free if you place the order for pickup at the Warehouse!

  • Q: Is there a minimum order?

    A: Yes. $50 for delivery routes but no minimum order for Pickups!

  • Q: What delivery times are available?

    A: There are up to six different delivery days and times for each quadrant of the city and flexible times on the weekend.

  • Q: Can I change my order?

    A: Yes. Orders can be changed up to a delivery cutoff date.

  • Q: When are the delivery times?

    A: Between 7am and 9am, 12pm and 1pm, 2pm-4pm, 6pm-9pm on weekdays and all day during the weekend.



  • CEO/Producer Relations

    Tim Shultz [email protected]

  • General Manager

    Brian Morrissey
     [email protected] 306-501-9501

  • CFO/Accounts

    Carla Shultz
    [email protected]


  • Wholesale Services

    Tim Shultz
    [email protected]


  • Snail Mail

    #103 – 815 7th Avenue
    Regina, SK
    S4N 6M7

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