There can be many drivers that motivate us to make a conscious decision to purchase a Locally produced food or product over one that was imported from out of country.

Our personal motivation was from a standpoint of being young agriculture producers and seeing a vast amount of food being produced in this province but individual producers like ourselves were struggling to market our products direct to consumers. We witnessed global markets take a nose dive and hit record lows which made the ag commodity business unsustainable. We wanted to find a better way and so became much more focussed on purchasing and supporting products that had a Saskatchewan connection. We started finding ourselves looking for products at farmers markets, or direct from farms. We had an advantage for sure as we were well connected to the Ag industry.

This played a part in our Local Food Journey. Growing up I never thought much at all about what I put into my body…I think for us our first wakeup call was when we were expecting our first child. We suddenly realized that we knew very little about where the processed food we were eating came from…while we were filling our freezers with local beef and chickens, and growing our own vegetables we were still buying lots and lots of processed food. We researched how to make our own baby food, and figured out ways to incorporate more homemade alternatives to the processed foods we loved. Organic or Natural became more important to us with the thought of providing food to our children!! This was our foundation for food transparency. Something that we as the Local Foods Industry need to take very seriously!! Consumers are looking to local producers because they trust them.

This is a driver for many of us…food is a big part of our annual budgets. Sometimes the best and most nutritious foods are the highest priced in the grocery store. Maybe you have turned to Local Food to see if there is a way to save some money! There is a perception out there that Local Food is more expensive and is niche and boutique. We have been really focused on trying to make Local Food mainstream by working hard to be affordable and accessible to consumers. While there is definitely some products we sell that are more expensive than the alternatives at the grocery store…the quality and freshness should make up for that difference…and if you consider your overall cost, it may still balance out. We have many products that are cheaper than the grocery store…simply because when prices fluctuate up as Mexico or California or South America experience weather events, our products stay consistent.

Whether you are motivated by EMOTION, HEALTH, or PRICE we want to be part of that journey! In the spirit of this weeks ramblings…we wanted to give you a bit of added motivation:-). We created a coupon code only applicable to orders this week! This will give you $10 off your order this week!!!

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