With every project or vision there is a WHY behind it.  We thought this week instead of profiling a product or an individual producer we would talk about our WHY


My name is Tim Shultz and together with my wife Carla and our two boys Gavin (6) and Dane (4) we have been personally involved in the Local Food industryfor a decade, our family for 4 generations!  Local and Fresh was born out of a long time vision of sustainability for food producers in Saskatchewan.  We live on a 4th generation farm and at several times throughout the generations our farm as with most farms, has faced adversity with market conditions, weather challenges etc….


We vision a food system that supports local producers by providing a consistent market for them so that in the case of a food chain interruption, Saskatchewan would have the food system locally to support itself.

We vision a food system that encourages innovation and would see more people of all ages choosing to make their living in the Local Food Industry.

We vision a food system where consumers would have utmost trust that the food they eat has been grown or made with care and love because they KNOW the producer and understand that they care.


We are SO passionate about this!  By supporting local food producers (farmers, ranchers, gardeners, bakers, agri-value entrepreneurs, chefs) we are giving them reason to invest in their businesses and build depth to our food system.


What can we do to help??  We would love to hear from you as to how we can build a more convenient way for you to access locally sourced products.  Working together with you we can achieve this vision!  It is going to take persistence and effort.  We won’t give up!!  Thanks so much for your support!


Although a bit dated… this photo gives you a little window into our family and farm and why we are so passionate about what we do!