Keri from Green Sister Gardens is about as passionate as they come in regards to Urban Farming.  I have known Keri for years and interestingly enough we both received our Market Gardening inspiration from the same organization!!  Our inspiration was SPIN Farming (Small Plot INtensive) This is a system of Vegetable Farming designed for Urban centres (Developed in Saskatoon but implemented World Wide!!).  Keri has been implementing the SPIN principles for 6 years in Moose Jaw.  She utilizes 12 different back yards covering about 1/3rd of an Acre.



Keri is a strong believer in doing things that would decrease our impact on the environment.   Keri is converting lawns into food production and so better utilizing the land!  The water that once was being applied to keep a lush green lawn is now producing the food that you get the opportunity to eat!!  Green Sister Gardens utilizes “Pedal Power” as much as possible and is able to travel between most of her garden plots with a bike and trailer and so saves on vehicle usage!



Green Sister Gardens specializes in Greens and does a fabulous job of growing them!!  Kale, Swiss chard, Arugula, Spicy Greens, Spring mix are some of our favourites!!


You can find all of Green Sister Gardens products in our Fresh From the Fields Category!!