Subscribing to Local Food is throwing your commitment behind Producers and families that live right here in our community and Province. Now more than ever its so important to support each other and a subscription is the perfect way to do that!!

Local and Fresh specializes in building relationships with our producers so that we can curate the BEST that this province and country has to offer!! If you subscribe to a Local and Fresh subscription box you will be treated with a variety of products each week/bi-weekly or Monthly depending on which box you choose.

Local Bounty Box (Vegetarian based)

This is our take on the Produce box!   Subscribe to a basket of local veggies and other vegetarian based products like grains, fruits, juices, snacks etc…  Choose from 2 sizes Regular and Large, and either a Weekly or Bi-Weekly frequency. 

The local Bounty Box features producers like: Heliotrope Gardens, Lajord Gardens, Waldeck Colony, Floating Gardens, Pioneer Gardens, Golden Eden, Cedar Creek Greenhouse, Midwest Produce, Ralphs Produce and more small producers as the season progresses!!



 the LOCAL Meat Box

What if every month you received a delivery of a curated Meat box full of both the meat and inspiration to meal plan around!   There is something satisfying and comfortable about just going to the freezer and pulling out the items you need for your dinner.  This box will always come with Staples like ground beef or ground chicken, steak or chop option, chicken pieces, sausage, a specialty item like bison, lamb, fish etc… and some ready to eat

This subscription comes in 2 sizes and includes delivery!  


 Popular Add-ons

Choose from these popular items to add into your weekly box!