Every food we eat has a story behind it!!  At Local and Fresh we are REALLY passionate about the stories behind the foods we sell.  Eating food is an emotional experience.  Food always tastes better when we have a connection to it right?  Grandma’s apple pie will ALWAYS be the best pie out there!!  The beef from your uncles farm is AMAZING and always will be the best beef around to you!  Those apples from….you get the picture!!  We believe that food should be more than just nutrition but should trigger something emotional.


Today’s email is going to highlight 3 different producer’s and stories that I think will make these foods a little extra special next time you try them!!


Koko Patisserie

I recently had a tour through the Koko bakery with Kirby the owner.  Kirby and Marcie started Koko over 20 years ago with a passion for REAL FOOD and baking “from scratch”.  As we walked through the bakery  it was very inspiring to see the results of a VISION that was fueled by PASSION and a lot of hard work along the way!  Kirby showed me their peanut butter machine where they make there own homemade peanut butter for their recipes because they beleive “from scratch” baking should truly be “from scratch”.  Its evident when you taste the products that come from Koko Patisserie that they are made with real ingredients!

Check out our bakery section to find our lineup of  KOKO Patisserie products.


Lajord Gardens

Terry and Christine have told me over and over again over our 3 yr relationship that they only will sell what they would feed their own family!  This has special meaning as they just welcomed their 4th child (a little girl) to the world.  When they think about what they feed their own kids, they want it to be pure, nutritious and tasty.  I have been blown away time and time again at Terry’s passion for gardening.  As a farmer myself Terry and I have a special connection and I love sitting at their table and talking about the crops and the year.  Terry’s focus on soil heath and sustainability is not only satisfying the pure and nutritious part of his quest, it also means that the produce he grows has peak flavour!  Good Soil grows amazing flavoured produce!

You will find Lajord Gardens Produce in our vegetable section!


Solo Italia
You won’t meet someone more passionate about pizza than Marco!!  Marco and Tracy have an awesome story that I always think about as I enjoy their pizza, pasta or other amazing products…Marco and Tracy fell in love on a cruise.  She convinced him to move from Naples Italy to her hometown Ogema Saskatchewan!  Marco brought his authentic Italian charm and cullinary skills to Ogema where he built his own wood fired pizza oven.  Earlier this summer we took a tour of the facility in Ogema and it is truly a gem on the prairies!  It really felt like we were stepping inside an Italian Pizzaria.  Next time you bite into one of the many different flavours of Authentic Italian Pizza’s hopefully this story will make that pizza a little extra special…as if it isn’t special enough!!

Here is our Solo Italia section

By shopping local, with Local and Fresh you can ensure that every product you purchase has an incredible story behind it!  Have any questions?  Shoot us a line!