Mark Twain once said he could “dine for two months on a good compliment”.

If that is true, a recent Tweet from a customer could probably keep us going until Fall.

A tweet from @chadtameling captured what we are hoping to achieve in just a few short words:

“Thanks for another great order! @fresh2home. Our monthly grocery bill is similar, but we eat tastier and healthier from local companies.”

Taste. Convenience. Value. Three simple ingredients to a better way to eat.

Drake Meats Added

We are pleased to add Drake Meats to our list of producers. They have been in business in Saskatchewan since 1949. To start off with, we will be carrying deli-meats including their bologna and shaved ham and a 4-pack of pork loin chops, but we would love to hear if you have some “Drake Favourites” that you would like us to add.

More Fresh Vegetables

This time of year, every week comes with a little gift: the gift of new produce from the fields. This week the Green Ranch has the freshest field mix, spinach and pea-shoots you are going to find anywhere. In some cases they are being delivered just hours from being cut in the field. We also have larger sizes of the field mix and the spinach in the “Bulk Aisle”.

French Breakfast Radish

When I first heard of the French Breakfast radish I wasn’t sure if the name is making fun of the French or paying them a compliment. Turns out it is a compliment. This heirloom variety from Pioneer Gardens is a milder radish with a scarlet top and white bottom that you can eat as a snack or in a salad.

See you next year asparagus!

On a sad note…asparagus supplies are now starting to wane for the season, but strawberries are right around the corner!

Stacey’s Stock Box

If you are ever looking for inspiration for some quick and easy “busy family” recipes that use Local & Fresh take a look at Stacey’s Kitchen. Stacey has a new recipe this week that uses PineView Farms Chicken Strips  (handy pre-sliced chicken breast filets) for a Thai Chicken Cashew Salad. We’ve put the key ingredients together in a Stock Box for you for some “one-click convenience”…and a value-price.

Taste. Convenience. Value. Yup, we could dine on that for quite a while.

As always, the best compliment for us is satisfied customers who are joining us in building a better local food network. The fields have just begun to yield.