The simple pleasures of life are often the best. This week, we have some new additions that offer the simple pleasure that comes from eating local and fresh.

Green Ranch

The spring bounty continues to roll in…this week we have more fresh options from The Green Ranch as the spring crop begins to emerge. The fresh Sunflower Shoots are a tasty little green that add a nutty flavour to salads and sandwiches or in a stir fry.

Truly fresh oregano (not the dry stuff in a jar) in your tomato sauce, soup or pizza adds a whole new level of flavour to your “old standby” recipes. Try the Green Ranch Oregano while it lasts!

Rebellion Brewery – Sunshine Wheat

What could taste better than sunshine? Well maybe a cold and very fresh craft beer on a sunny day. We’ve added a seasonal craft beer to our Rebellion line upThe Sunshine Wheat. It has a clean taste with no bitterness for a super refreshing and thirst quenching beverage on a hot summer day.

Saltine Country Spelt Sourdough

One of my favourite simple pleasures in life is to take a moment and just breath in the incredible smell of Saltine Baking Co’s fresh sourdough breads when they arrive – still warm from the oven. The Country Spelt Sourdough we’ve added this week is a simple whole wheat blend loaf made with a combination of organic local flours. Simple – but so good.

Over The Hill – Herbal Cherry Tea

A quiet cup of tea on the porch while a sunset performs its’ nightly show on Saskatchewan’s big sky is another local treat. This week, you can pair your porch-sit with Over the Hill Orchard’s new herbal cherry tea made with a blend of sour cherries, sea buckthorn and apples.

Thank you for the referrals!

Thank you to everyone who “told two friends, who told two friends” to help us grow. We will be applying referral credits for all those who’s friends filled out the “who referred you?” box when they signed up over the past two weeks. We really appreciate the help as we build a stronger local food network.

Have a great week!

The Local & Fresh Team