They say we eat with our eyes as much as our stomach.

As the first week of summer begins, we have a visual feast as well as a flavour-fest to offer in this week’s new product update.

Taste the rainbow
We start with a rainbow of colour – literally. The Green Ranch Baby Rainbow Swiss Chard is now in season with its deep green leaves and colourful stems.

“Red”-ee for pie?
The bright ruby-red of the rhubarb brightens up a salad or takes centre stage in a pie or muffins.

Go Green and White!
In this province, you just can’t go wrong with green and white (at least this early in the season). The Pioneer Gardens Green Onions are positively patriotic with the Rider green leaves and bright white bulb.

Verdant Veggies
The soft green leaves and gentle curves of Green Ranch Baby Butterhead belies the tender, delicate and mild flavour. This local lettuce can go from field to plate before that grocery store lettuce even clears Mexican customs.

Fragrant and fresh
Fragrant fresh dill is miles ahead of its dry counterpart in the spice aisle. Friend to the cucumber, fresh in a dip or sauce, and such a lively summer taste with citrus. Don’t forget fish – it loves dill too!

Deep Green Goodness
The deep dark green of Heliotrope’s Curly Kale denotes the nutrient density and rich flavour.

Bright white flavour
A shock of bright white to finish the rainbow with a bit of heat in a ‘cool package”. Pioneer Garden’s icicle radishes are a bite of summer freshness.

Soup Simply Stock Up

Shelly from Soup Simply will be taking bit of a break this summer but will return in the fall. If you are a Soup Simply fan (like me!) this is the week to stock up on her fantastic selection of soup.

Drake Additions

Last week we added some deli options from Saskatchewan’s Drake meats (shaved ham/bolgona) as well as a four-pack of their pork chops. Are there other Drake favourites you would like us to add?