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This week, we’d like to introduce you to a Local Bar that you can’t walk into, but you’re definitely going to want to get to know.

Olauson Food Products was born out of pride in Saskatchewan food and a desire to rebuild the community relationship to food. Sisters Julie and Caitlin are the co-owners of Olauson Food Products and are the children of a farming family here in Saskatchewan. Julie is a mom of three with a business background, and Caitlin is a Food Scientist working on her Master’s at the University of Saskatchewan.They learned at an early age about Saskatchewan’s abundant food resources.

The Local Bar was developed with the intention of utilizing the full potential of the food grown right here in our province, creating a snack that uses whole, readily available ingredients in new ways to promote human health and minimize food waste. The Oluasons also wanted to create a convenient product as a way for consumers to easily add Saskatchewan products into their busy lifestyle. 

The Local Bar is home grown from ingredients found right here in our backyard. Lentils, Flax, and Quinoa, drizzled with honey and pressed into a convenient bar offer protein, fibre and freshness all in one package. The bars are formulated by combining fibres and protein with just the right amount of sugar to release energy slowly thoughout your body in a slow burn that will last hours, without packing a calorie punch.

The Local Bar comes in two flavours: Sour Cherry and Dark Chocolate and Saskatoon Berry and Honey. L & F customers can add a Saskatoon Berry bar FREE to their orders while supplies last.

Learn more about the Local Bar and the Oluason sisters here.