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Hot dogs are nothing without it. Its tangy zing adds flavour to everything from dressings to sauces to meats. And up to 80% of mustard grown in Canada is grown right here in Saskatchewan.

What’s grown here has not necessarily stayed here to be processed, and that’s what makes Gravelbourg Gourmet Mustard a unique addition to the food industry in the province. Started in 2008, Gravelbourg Gourmet Mustard began life as a small local business that set out to produce the finest gourmet mustard products in Canada. The company was acquired in 2011 by entrepreneur Val Michaud, whose passion for cooking was a perfect fit for a food company.

Mustard is an ancient grain, and has long been prized for the amazing flavour it imparts to all types of foods, from dry rubs for meat to being slathered on sandwich bread. Mustard also has health benefits, including low calorie count (especially for something with such big flavour), but also high in fibre (whole mustard) as well as essential nutrients like calcium and magnesium. (For more about the health benefits of mustard, hop over to the Gravelbourg Mustard site here.)

If your condiment shelf just includes a bottle of the basic yellow, expand your mind and your palate with some of Gravelbourg’s gourmet flavours. Hot and spicy jalapeño is a great flavour if you like more bite with your sauces; cranberry mustard is a taste sensation with turkey and other poultry; or go super local and try a jar of saskatoon berry mustard: mild and fruity, this one is truly a uniquely Saskatchewan creation! To see the full selection of Gravelbourg Gourmet Mustard available for delivery through us, check out the “Oils & Condiments” section of our site.

Created in Saskatchewan and now sold and enjoyed across western Canada, Gravelbourg Gourmet mustard also makes a thoughtful gift for enthusiastic cooks. If you want more mustard, check out their recipe section to find ideas for everything from home made BBQ sauce to a mustard martini (really!).