This week’s Producer Profile is very well-preserved. Salt, the creation of Jackie & Dave Straub, is all about natural curing methods for food, with a focus on the savoury side of flavours. (They haven’t left out the sweet tooth component, though – their salted caramels, made fresh in their kitchen, are melt-in-your-mouth amazing.)

Malt City and Flip are great stops to enjoy local food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. Salt is an offshoot of the creativity of Chef David and his enthusiasm for house-made cured meats (and other flavourful treats). Salt products are all made in the Malt City kitchens, and are available to take home from Malt, or for delivery from Local & Fresh. Dave & Jackie Straub,  Tim and Abbey Martin are also partners at Flip and Malt, and Patrick Rafter is a partner at Malt. Together, this creative team continues to expand palates all over our city.

Salt’s cured meats are made in small, meticulous batches that produce an amazing amount of flavour, and are definitely a cut above the ordinary. The chorizo sausage has wonderful aromatics and a bit of spice and the original sausage is a mild Italian-seasoned sausage. Either one makes an ideal choice for flavourful brunches, meat sauces or for the grill. Various dry cured sausages are also available, as is the delicious pastrami (you might have had this on the burger at Malt City…) Other highlights include the house-made ketchup and beef jerky, and of course, the chewy caramels to end things on a sweet note.

SALT products
SALT products with some tools of the trade

You can stop in at Malt City to take home anything Salt makes, or add many of their amazing offerings to your order at www.localandfresh.ca – we love making someone’s day with the gift of the caramels!

For more info, or to plan your night out, visit:
Malt City/Salt or Flip