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Today we want to introduce you to some smooth characters who run the gamut from light to dark and everywhere in between: Rebellion Brewing. We love Rebellion because they are excited about doing what we’re doing: fighting the consolidation of food (or beer) into too few hands. When great big, giant companies make a famous product, they stick with the formula. Rebellion brewing offers variety, flavour and tastes that are unique to our part of the world.  They can, and do, try varieties that would never make the shelves at the store. Their newest brew is the Mud Lick Kentucky, based on the historical Kentucky Common style, which was the most popular beer in Kentucky before prohibition. It is a light brown ale with a heavy dose of corn. The resulting beer is tart and refreshing with a unique cereal grain finish.

Rebellion’s only constant is change: they brew seasonal beers, but they also explore all things brewing, and over winter 2016 they offered kombucha (a fermented tea). Their minds are always brewing over with creative twists on ales, stouts and varieties they dream up, like the Lentil Cream Ale. Lentil Cream Ale is also available for delivery to your home – shop it on our site!

Rebellion takes beer and the local home brewing community very seriously – but they’re also a lot of fun. Visit their taproom on Dewdney Avenue on Wednesdays for Bring Your Own Vinyl – they’ll spin your platters for you while you sample their latest creations! It’s also the only place you will get to try their new ginger soda (non-alcoholic) as they haven’t started bottling it for home enjoyment just yet. They work with home brewers to discover great creations while making a difference in the community: their Community Tap Series offers brews for a cause. Right now you can try Butcher’s Daughter Grapefruit IPA, developed in concert with a father-daughter home brew team, and proceeds going to Carmichael Outreach.

If you can’t get to the Rebellion tap room to fill a growler, we are happy to deliver one to you! Yes, it’s true: you can order beer that is directly delivered to you, in your home. You can see all of the growlers available to order in our Beer section.


If you’re curious about what goes into brewing their beer, you can sign up to take a brewery tour and yes – it does include samples.

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