It might seem like we talk about Solo Italia a lot, and it’s probably true! You will too once you try their amazing wood-fired oven pizza and hand-made pastas.

This is the story of when Ogema met Italy…in Mexico.

Once upon a time, two people on two separate vacations were checking out Mexico, and then they met. She was a beautiful small-town Saskatchewan girl, he was a dashing young man from Italy. There was romance under the Mexican sun, and Tracy and Marco decided that when vacation was over, their life together would begin. After some time in Italy (you should hear Tracy speak Italian! We think she might be faster than Marco.), the young couple settled down in their home on the prairie, and Solo Italia of Ogema was born.

We highly recommend making the roughly one-hour journey to Ogema to visit Solo Italia on Main Street to enjoy a take-out pizza on a Friday night, straight out of the oven that Marco built himself. It’s a beautiful thing to see this team in action: Marco dashing around the place; Tracy twirling pizza dough like the experts in New York, Chicago or Italy, and the warmth from the wood-fired oven that cooks a pizza in mere minutes to crisp-custed perfection. (Watch the dynamic duo in this video.) Ogema is also a beautiful town, and you can make a day of it with a ride on the Southern Prairie Railway train!

At our house, we’re big on pizza night on Fridays. Everyone is tired from a long week, we just want to flop down and watch a movie, and Solo Italia pizza is a perfect treat that’s ready in minutes. We promise it’s going to beat the heck outta any greasy box the delivery man can bring. Try classics like pepperoni & bacon, go adventurous with varieties like the pesto pizza (walnuts, honey, goat cheese, roasted eggplant – delicious) and treat yourself with the nutella dessert pizza. Every delicious one is also sale priced now until August 21!

Boun appetito!