Our company is driven to increase the amount of local, fresh, and convenient food available for home delivery.

This week’s new products certainly deliver on that front – whether it is ready-to-bake wood fired pizzas from Solo Italia in Ogema, incredibly fresh year-round greens from Campbell Greenhouses in Annaheim SK, empanadas from the Latino Bakery or macarons from le Macaron in Regina.

Fresh Year-Round Vegetables

Have you seen the price and quality of the lettuce in the “big box” stores lately? Yeesh! Try our growing selection of year-round Saskatchewan produce. No chemicals, no pesticides, and freshness that you can see and taste when the greens arrive at your door – just hours from being harvested.

Campbell Greenhouses – Year round freshness from Annaheim Saskatchewan. Campbell Greenhouses has a great selection of aquaculture greens including: loose leaf lettucemicro greenspea shoots, and spring mix.

Floating Gardens – We are pleased to grow our selection of produce from Floating Gardens. We’ve added eggplant, and a selection of lettuce to the mix that already includes their incredible mini-cucumbers.


Solo Italia – We just added their local and fresh pastas (spaghetti, fettuccine and three kinds of ravioli), last week, and now are pleased to add eight different ready-to-bake wood fired pizzas from their Naples-style oven. The pizzas include: pepperoni baconmargharitasausage and vegetable, and vegetarian.

Latino Bake Shop – These local favourites are a great quick meal on the run for a busy family and a good way to replace Pizza Pops in your freezer. The four varieties include: Con Carnechorizochickurry, and vegetarian.

Anegla’s Own Homestyle Orginals – Time to spice things up! These spice mixes are a great way to make global flavours more local. The spice and dip mixes include: bacon onioncajundill, “mock guaccamoli”, and ranch.


Le Macaron
It’s always nice to finish off a meal (or email) with something sweet. How about a macaron from Le Macaron? We are pleased to be able to deliver these signature pastries from Le Macaron. Each one is a hand-crafted demonstration of the art of pastry with delicate flavours and vivid colours.

The FlourShoppe
We hope you have enjoyed the “random acts of pastry” provided by The FlourShoppe. We will continue to share a sweet treat with each delivery this week. Carmel corn and the home-made marshmallows have been a big hit so far.

Route Additions
As we continue to grow, we will be adding more routes to the areas where the demand is growing. We are adding a few more delivery options for the north and the northwest part of Regina. If you would like to see more routes available in your area, let us know at info@localandfresh.ca. The best way to add more routes is to add more customers in your neighbourhood. We’d be glad to share our brochures and other tools to introduce your neighbours to Local & Fresh.

Together, we are building a stronger local food network.