Grill a Great Steak for Dad (and everyone!)

These tips for grilling a great steak are easy to follow and will result in an amazing dinner – provided your Dad actually lets you use the BBQ. (If Dad’s from the “char everything evenly until it’s done” school of cooking, tell him to relax while you take over.)

Grilling Great Steak
Start with a good cut. Try Ribeyes from Pine View Farms All Natural Meats, a perfectly cut Sirloin or for a special occasion, tenderloin or the eye-catching Hammer Steak from Reid’s Artisanal Butchery.

The day you want to cook, sprinkle the steaks with salt a few hours before you make supper – this will NOT dry them out, but will help make them juicy later. Let your steaks come to room temperature before grilling (taking them out about an hour before cooking should do the trick.) Season with salt and fresh ground pepper right before grilling.

Have two zones on your grill, one hot for charring, and medium-low heat for continued cooking. Get the steak on the hot zone first. Cook each side for about 2 – 3 minutes on the hot zone, then gently move to the cooler zone to finish cooking. Take the guess work out of “done” by using mini meat thermometers (also a great Father’s Day gift!). And despite the way your uncle does it, flipping meat every ten seconds, that’s not necessary and will just result in dried out meat. (Maybe tell Unc after the first cocktail.)

Transfer your beautifully cooked steaks to a platter or tray and let. Them. Rest. About 10 minutes is all you need, which gives you time to throw together some salad or sauté some mushrooms to go on the side.

About Sauce
A good cut of steak is delicious all on its own, but you can whip up your own BBQ sauce to apply while the steak is in the “continued cooking” stage. Simply brush on as much or as little as you like. Try about a cup of SALT ketchup mixed with a few tablespoons of Gravelbourg Mustard and a few teaspoons of liquid honey for sweetness.

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