When you live in Saskatchewan, there is always that point where you think that spring will never arrive. You start to question the mathematical certainty of the changing seasons. This week I was overjoyed to see undeniable proof that spring is here: local asparagus!

Pioneer Gardens asparagus

Pioneer Gardens fresh asparagus is now rolling in. These beautiful one pound bunches were grown in the Lumsden Valley.  In the case of some deliveries this week, they will be going from farm to table in just a matter of hours. The asparagus season is a short one though – this bounty will only last a few weeks.

Fresh local radishes

Fresh locally grown radishes are another sure sign that spring is here. We now have Lajord Colony radishes in stock. They’re great for just that right amount of kick on a fresh salad or try them roasted!

The heat and sunshine will continue to work their magic – so stay tuned as the bounty starts to roll in off the land. Lots more to come!

Flash up the ‘Que

The warm weather doesn’t just mean being mosquito-bait at soccer and baseball practices for the kids – it also means bar-b-que season. We’ve got you covered with some “out of the box” local options for the ‘que that are a bit of change-up from the traditional beef.

The Pineview Farms Souvlaki is a nice twist on a quick chicken meal with the added benefit of being “meat on a stick”. Food on a stick just always seems to taste better.

The chicken smokies and drumsticks are another unique twist for the ‘cue, as is the Wildwest Steelhead trout from Lake Diefenbaker.

You also can’t go wrong when it comes to pleasing the kids with Saskatchewan’s own Lang’s Hotdogs. They are made with whole cuts of pork and are truly a standout item.

TCB with BCD

Convenience has become a key factor in how we all eat today. I often wonder how much better we would eat if we just had more time. What if there was an extra hour in the day between work and the dinner table? Till that day, we love things like Soup Simply’s selection of frozen soups. Just a few minutes in the microwave or on the stove and you are enjoying a hearty and healthy supper or lunch choice. We will be sampling a new addition to our line up next week with the Beet Cabbage Dill soup. BCD is gluten free and vegan….but first and foremost, it is fantastic.

Slow cooker – Quick meal 

We have new quick and easy recipe from Stacey’s Kitchen and we’ve put it in a handy Stock Box for one click convenience. The Slow Cooker Beef Ragout is dead easy to make and has a host of local favourites like Floating Gardens Cocktail tomatoes, and pasta from Ogema’s Solo Italia.


Cheese Tease

One of the biggest challenges we face in building a better local food system is matching supply and demand. We may have been a bit of a “Cheese Tease” this past week – but we now have those fantastic Bothwell “Squeak’rs” cheese curds in stock, along with the mozzarella pizza cheese and the cheddar. Thank you for your patience and your support a we build a stronger local food network.