Producer Profiles: Meet Delloy Pasta and J&J Sausage

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Welcome back to Producer Profiles!

This week, we’d like to introduce you to Delloy Pasta and J & J Sausage, a delicious combination (and they just so happen to be owned by the same people.)

Bill and Charmaine Golding started a small “sideline” business making pasta, but the noodles soon took over as they acquired a pasta business from Charmaine’s aunt and uncle, Delores and Loyd (the “Delloy” in Delloy Pasta). In 2005, they built a brand new location in Borden, SK and they showcase other Saskatchewan producers’ products there, such as cabbage rolls, perogies and honey, as well as hand-crafted items.

Why Mennonite pasta? Charmaine’s family background is Mennonite and Ukrainian, and these are the noodles she grew up with. The noodles are made with the same simple ingredients that grandmothers across the world have committed to memory: eggs, flour, and water mixed into dough. We’ll let the pasta masters describe it from here:

“(The ingredients) are mixed into 35 pound batches by an ‘ancient, but efficient mixer.’ An auger extruder pushes the dough through a screen into long strands that are cut with a knife into lengths suitable for packaging. Then they are dried, packaged and sealed manually. They take a lot of time and care to make a quality home-style pasta.”
 From the Delloy Pasta History at

The simple recipe is made into broad egg noodles (both regular and whole wheat), a Mennonite Kielke noodle, traditionally eaten with a cream gravy, and thin, spindly egg noodles perfect for dropping into your home made soup. They recently introduced a spelt pasta as well, which is suitable for people with gluten sensitivities.

J & J Sausage, which makes smoked Mennonite Farmer Sausage (in original and garlic), acquired Delloy Pasta and it’s a match made for your plate! J & J makes flavourful, natural sausage that is the perfect complement to the homestyle noodles from Delloy. The combination of the two has made many a meal at the homes of the Local & Fresh team!

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