Early Harvest

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Now that the calendar has a bit of August under its belt (it’s all happening so fast!), it’s starting to be time for harvest. It is an early one this year!

New this week from the Green Ranch

Our valued partners and friends Tim and Carla Shultz have been going and growing at The Green Ranch and the selection of their vegetables has been growing too!

Power up!

Power up your smoothie or juice with the Power Greens Mix with Kale, Swiss Chard and Baby Beet leaves in a ready-to-go mix.

Patty Pan?

Ever hear of a Patty Pan? Patty Pans are starfish shaped squash that doubles as a beautiful (and edible) roasting dish when you stuff them with veggies or rice or all kinds of great stuff(can you ever go wrong with bacon stuffing?).

Back to School – The return of lunch duty

Whether you’re the kind who thinks about it for weeks, labels everything in permanent ink and bought all the supplies last fall OR are the kind who rolls up from the lake and sends the kids back with shore lunch and pencils from the golf course, Back to School time will soon be here! (Shh, celebrate quietly so as not to tip off the kids.)

We’ve got lots of great lunch box items that will keep everyone happy and eating healthy. (And a few treats, too.)

Floating Gardens mini cucumbers bulk pack

Bothwell Squeak’rs cheese curds

Loon Creek frozen saskatoons (perfect in muffins or home made granola bars)

Drake Meats shaved ham

Susies’ Cinns frozen chocolate chip cookie dough

Choo-it granola bites

One click convenience

While a key part of the Local & Fresh customer experience is being able to select exactly the items you want (and none you don’t), we have also made things easy to pull together a meal or a selection of balanced food groups to have on hand. One click on a Stock Box like the three below and all of its items are in your cart, ready to be simple, local and fresh meals in the future.

Sampler Stock Box 

Work Week Stock Box

Stacey’s Kitchen Slow Cooker Ragout Stock Box

Have a great week!

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