Dance with the ones who like to dance

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My Dad once gave me the best advice when it comes to matters of the heart, “Dance with the ones who like to dance with you”. That has served me well in love and in life.

So, this month – the month of love – we will be focusing on the local producers with whom we have enjoyed “dancing” these past six months.  We will be profiling these producers, and offering price specials and new sizes all month long.

Miller’s By-Gone Farm
Up first this week is Miller’s By-Gone Farm. Pam and Lyle’s farm in Southeast Saskatchewan is what farming used to be. No chemicals, no hormones, no antiboitics – animals raised naturally with love and care for the environment.

We’ve stocked up on “Pam’s Pigs” with a four-pack of pork chops, cutlets, ground pork, and some beautiful shoulder roasts.

“Pam’s Lamb” is now back in stock too with several cuts to choose from: loin chops, leg roast, ground, stewing meat and a delightful lamb souvlaki. We’ve even put together a Lamb Lover’s Stock Box.

Soup Simply
The only thing better than Shelly’s soup, it seems, is more of it. To cut down on the family fights over who gets the bigger bowl, we have added new family-sizes of some Soup Simply favourites. You’ll now find 850ml containers of the Corn Chowder and Bacon, the Coconut Curry Lentil, the Dill Pickle Vegetarian, French Lentil and Bacon and the Mulligatawny.

Latino Bakery – Empanada 6 Pack
Gustavo’s amazing empanadas have similarly prompted some marital discord when “someone” (ahem, that might be me) eats the last of these lunch-time life savers. In an effort to stay married, we now have 6-packs of these local pastry pockets in three varieties: Con Carne, Chorizo, and Chickcurry. (I’d like to think that counts as a Valentine’s gift – but I might get a card as well just in case.)

Beer Bros. Meat Pies
If you haven’t tried the gourmet convenience of Chef Malcolm’s meat pies you can still get them in singles – but if you have had them, you will appreciate the the new four-packs of the Beef and Onion, Chicken Ham and Mushroom, and Lamb Pea and Mint. We’ve also got a Stock Box if you are looking to stock up and save.

Mennonite Sausage
Finally we’ve reunited two star crossed lovers by adding the Mennonite Sausage that was destined to be with the noodles from Delloy Pasta. We’ve added three to choose from, Double smoked, Double smoked with garlic, and the traditional Mennonite sausage.

Thank you

Speaking of love – thank you for the love and kindness over the past six months as we have taken a big step towards building a stronger local food network. Thank you for your support, patience (I swear we will have cucumbers next week!), feedback and suggestions. They are much appreciated.

Andrew Rathwell
Owner – Local & Fresh


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