Over the Hill Orchards

Prairie Cherry Splash - Over the Hill - 950 ml


Enjoy the Prairie Cherry Splash? How about a family size bottle?
This certified organic cherry drink has become as staple in our house a great replacement for drink boxes or soft drinks.
More information from Over the Hill Orchards:
Developed over 70 years, the University of Saskatchewan’s Dwarf Sour Cherries (we like to call, Prairie Cherries™) have become a sensation on the prairies. They have incredible tart cherry flavour, and beautiful dark coloured juice. Sour cherries have very high anti-oxidant levels, and many of our customers have told us they use it to treat Gout, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and a host of other ailments. Sour cherry juice is a source of Melatonin, and new research has shown that drinking sour cherry juice helps weight training athletes recover from intense workouts.
Please note that since the product is preservative free, it is recommended that the product be consumed within one week of opening, kept in a refrigerator.