Terri Jacobson

Grandma Shivji's - Chile and Lime Habanero Sauce - 150 ml


Grandma Shivji is back with a sauce that will tease your taste buds. A careful blend of heat and lime this sauce is guaranteed to please. Hot stuff!
Ingredients: Fresh Peppers, Onion, Vinegar, Garlic, Lime, Benzoic Acid.
Heat Scale: 10
You may not know Sam Shivji by name. You are probably more aware of his Hatari Bros. products though. Sauces like Acid Rain and Alberta Crude need no introduction. Sam – the founder of Hatari Bros. – has been at the forefront of the Canadian hot sauce scene for years and has won numerous prizes for his fiery concoctions. Sam has been a hot sauce fanatic since the age of five. He grew up in Africa where chili peppers grew wild and every meal was accompanied by fresh hot sauce on the table. Now it’s his passion to experiment with hot sauce and try new and exciting things.
Product of Alberta.