Charlene and Bruce have an established cherry orchard at Imperial located at a mid point between Regina, Saskatoon, and Moose Jaw.

Why cherries on the prairies? Why not? See the story. They believe strongly in working with nature to produce a safe healthy food for consumers. Reduced reliance on chemicals was a strong motivator in selecting the U of S developed cherries.

The main orchard is in grassland. Rows were planted in cultivated strips inside an eight foot high, deer-exclusion fence. HBA utilizes water in a trickle irrigation system under plastic mulch (in the establishment years) that is environmentally friendly in that it uses a minimal amount of water with reduced evaporation.

Their farm gets its inputs handcrafted from the air, sun, and the earth and HBA is proud to be able to provide a product that you and your family will love.

In 2011 they started developing a processing area to rinse, sort, pit, and freeze cherries. Their primary product, dehydrated cherries, is also done in this sanitary facility located on their farm…from farm to fork. They grow the cherries, harvest them, process, freeze, dehydrate, and package on our farm.

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