Hi, Local & Fresh Delivery Here!

Your Local & Fresh Stock Box delivery will be brought directly to your door at the time you arrange for your convenience. Our uniformed, friendly driver (Justin) will carry your order to your door and leave you with a variety of local & fresh produce, meat, eggs and other items that you select. Everything will be expertly packed into eco-friendly brown paper bags and your Stock Box is recyclable cardboard so you never have to worry about leaving it out for pick-up or getting it back to us. Forgot that you wanted strawberry jam or always wanted to try the locally cured salami? Justin has a selection of stock in the truck available for purchase instantly. In addition to your groceries, you’ll get the Local & Fresh Sheet, with information about where your food came from this week, recipes for what’s in season and in your Box, as well as meal planning and money-saving tips for grocery shopping.

Local & Fresh – Meet You There!

If you’re away more than you’re home but you’d still love to take home locally produced, fresh and delicious food, meet up with us! Every week we will offer five different “Mobile Market” locations where you can pick up your Stock Box – pre-paid, pre-packed and ready to go for you when you stop by the truck. Just looking for a few items for tonight’s meal? Ask Justin what’s in stock today or browse the shelves at the back of the truck for stock items to take home.

Generation X-tra Tired

Jane and John, in their late 30s, have two young boys and very busy lifestyle. Their weekly trips to the grocery store range from stocking up to desperate dashes with the boys in tow, trying to avoid the toys and candy and rainbow-coloured cereal. They want their family to be healthy and eat well, but they will opt for what’s fast and convenient to get them through the days when both parents have late meetings and the boys have activities that night. They try to plan their meals and coordinate their shopping, but it just takes up too much time with school, friends and activities to keep organized. By Friday night, the whole family needs to relax and decompress with a movie night on the couch or a trip to the park, not the grocery store.

The Local & Fresh Difference

With a weekly subscription to a $50 Stock Box, delivered every Wednesday morning at 7:15 a.m., Jane and John have cut down on the number of trips to the grocery store. They still need to stop in for milk and butter and peanut candy for movie night, but Jane knows that every week, their Local & Fresh delivery man, Justin, is bringing them locally sourced, fresh and delicious ground beef and potatoes for the burgers her boys like so much. They are picking up takeout less often because there’s always something good at home. The boys beg Jane to keep the “Stock Box” every week so they can add on to their fort in the basement. And beets have become a family favourite!

Jane & John spend: $200 per month
Jane & John saved: $80 (by not spending $20 per trip on unplanned, impulse buys)

Millenial Malaise

Jessica and her fiancé Carter just bought a new condo in a trendy subdivision. They aren’t home a lot – kids and even a dog are part of their future, but right now they’d rather stay downtown after work to catch Cinema Under the Stars in the park, grab a drink with friends, or attend volunteer activities and meetings. On weekends, they like to relax, and they’re just starting to get the hang of having friends over for dinner instead of meeting at the pub. Their parents all worked growing up, and neither really has a love or understanding of cooking, but they know quality and appreciate the restaurant meals they enjoy that are made with local food. Carter likes to make cinnamon buns on Sunday mornings, a recipe his grandma taught him when he would stay over at her house when he was young. They know they could save a bit more for a new car or better honeymoon if they cut down on going to restaurants so much, but their freezer is stocked with expensive, ready-to-eat processed foods that they grew up on.

The Local & Fresh Difference

Carter heard about some amazing flour that is milled locally and sold at the Farmers’ Market and he went to pick some up for his Sunday cinnamon buns. While he was there, he noticed some people getting “Stock boxes” at the Local & Fresh Sprinter, set up for the morning at the market. Carter went up to the truck and saw people taking away boxes full of fresh, beautiful produce and even some of his favourites: cured and smoked meats and artisan pickles. When Local & Fresh told him they would be at the market every week and he could take the box back to his office to take home that night, he was sold. Now Jessica and Carter pick up a Stock Box every two weeks, meeting the truck downtown and taking delicious food home. They really appreciate the recipes that come right in the box with their order, and Jessica is thinking about adding on the Meal Planning service, just for a while, to learn how to keep their grocery budget down. They are planning a BBQ for friends this weekend to show off their newfound food service.
Carter & Jessica spend: $100 per month
Carter & Jane saved: $200 or more by not going out for as many meals

Eating well to live well

Bob and Debbie have raised their kids, and now that the nest is empty, they are luxuriating in the newfound time and income to their household. They are getting older, and Debbie especially is into finding better ways to take care of themselves, especially since Bob’s arthritis and her digestive challenges have sometimes got the better of them. They know that if they want to enjoy retirement (just a few years away now) they should be taking good care of their health now, and part of that is adjusting how they eat. Bob has fond memories of his own mother’s home cooking, especially her strawberry jam and home made bread. Debbie finds that she has a renewed interest in cooking now that she and Bob can follow their own time table and supper doesn’t have to be on the table at 6:01 p.m. They have plenty of time to go to the grocery store, but they know that locally produced and organic items can be difficult to find there.

The Local & Fresh Difference

Bob and Debbie heard about Local & Fresh delivery during an ad on the supper hour news, and they thought they would take the chance and sign up. They have a $25 Stock Box delivered every week on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. when they are both home from work. The variety and convenience are great, and Debbie revises their order about once a month to include in-season fruit and vegetables and add a pot of strawberry jam.
Bob & Debbie spend: $100 a month
Bob & Debbie save: poor health, money spent on prescription medication

Soup and a Sandwich…Again

Margie lives on her own in a seniors’ condo facility with her own kitchen. Ever since her husband, Bill, passed away three years ago, she has trouble getting excited about cooking for one person. Most nights she makes a simple sandwich and opens a can of soup. On market day (every Wednesday to catch the Seniors’ Day deals), Margie buys a few fresh items and might treat herself to a rotisserie chicken from the deli, but even that is a bit of a waste because it was Bill who always ate the wings and drumsticks. Every now and again, she’ll go out with some old friends to the restaurant around the corner, but usually, it’s just soup and a sandwich at home, over and over again.

The Local & Fresh Difference

Margie’s granddaughter, Madison, was worried that Grandma Margie wasn’t eating right. She called her Mom and they signed Margie up for a Local & Fresh Stock Box delivery, which they will pay for. Now, the Local & Fresh delivery guy, Justin, buzzes her door once every two weeks and drops off variety! Margie was so pleased with the quality of the produce that she started making her famous Strawberry Shortcake again – and having Madison over to eat it.
Margie spends: $0
Margie saves: poor health, a boring diet
Madison spends: $50 per month

There are many kinds of Local & Fresh customers, which one are you? We would like to hear more from you as we fill the shelves of localandfresh.ca and start deliveries in August. Fill out the survey on this site and you can get in on some early adopter treats. You can also follow our progress on Twitter @Fresh2home.