One year ago, Local & Fresh was born – or more accurately, conceived. It would take three months for our first deliveries to roll out; but our company was incorporated on this day in 2014.

The past year has been an incredible journey and we are very grateful for your support, feedback and trust as we build our little company – and a better local food network. Thank you.

We’d like to show our gratitude for your support by rolling out a new way to reward all of you who are helping us grow. More on that in a bit…but first, we have more great local products in the store this week!

The mushrooms are back!

We are very pleased to see that Stellar Gourmet Mushrooms are back for the season and available again for delivery. These oyster mushrooms are grown right here in Saskatchewan and are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate. Joel sure makes a beautiful mushroom.

New herbs and bulk options from Floating Gardens

We’ve added some more flavour to the vegetable drawer with the addition of Rosemary and Mint, just in time for mojito season! We have also added a value-pack size for two of Chris and Rachel’s stand-out products: the mini-cucumbers and the cocktail tomatoes are now available in 2lb packages.

New Coffee

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars for Caliber Coffee. Usually it is the when the alarm goes off at 5:30. My first thought is “Ug”. My second thought is,”Ooh. I can have some Caliber!”. The difference that locally roasted coffee makes has been one of the highlights of my “flavour journey” over the past year. We have a full suite of Caliber coffees – but are pleased to be adding in two varieties this week from the roasting talents of Des and crew at Cafe Market. We’ve added a French Roast for those who like the dark side and an Organic Medium from Papua New Guinea.

More bread options from Northgate Bakery

We keep hearing how much you are enjoying having Northgate Bakery breads and rolls delivered right to your door, so we are adding even more of their great fresh-baked goodness in the online store: White Dinner Rolls, Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls, Multigrain, Flax, and French Bread.

Great Chicken, Great Value

All the recent news about Avian Flu and the rising cost of chicken has been a good reminder of how a strong local food system can be immune or at least more able to adapt to the sweeping implications of greater consolidation in the food industry. The Southland Colony Chicken remains one of the best values in our store for the number of meals you can create with one chicken. It also happens to be the best tasting chicken we have ever had, and if you ever met Ben, you would have a new appreciation for what it means to be passionate about growing chickens naturally. If you haven’t tried (or even if you have) this would be a good time to stock up. We’ll even give you $2 off when you use the coupon code: GREAT CHICKEN

New Categories – Quick Meals, Soup, “The Bulk Aisle”

As the number of products continues to grow, we have been working to make it easier to find what you are looking for by adding new categories. This week we have added a category for Soup, Quick Meals and a Bulk Aisle for those of you who like to stock up and save

Stacey’s Kitchen Stock Box

We have also added a section just for all of the culinary creations coming out of Stacey’s Kitchen. Stacey has a new recipe this week, “Best Meatballs Ever with Fresh Tomato Sauce.

Share the Local & Fresh Love!

The past year has seen our company (and the local food network) grow as more and more customers like you have seen the health, convenience and flavour benefits of eating local. However, we need to grow more if we are to truly create a sustainable food system.

To thank you for supporting a stronger local food network and to help us make it stronger, we are offering a $5 credit for every customer you refer to us who places an order with Local & Fresh in the next 30 days. Simply ask your friend or neighbour to put your name in the “Who referred you” box when they sign up and place an order.

Thank you again for your support – it has been an incredible year!