What’s for supper?

It’s a simple question, but at times it can be a terrifying one to answer.

We’ve all been to that little corner of Hell that is 5:45 p.m. on a Tuesday. The door is open on an empty fridge and two hungry and hounding kids asking that fateful question, “What’s for supper?”. The mere words send me into the black and white world of a dime-store detective novel:

The cold light in the scratched chrome fridge is like the glaring spotlight that the flatfoots have down at the Hoosegow for interrogations. The pickles and the mostly empty Cheez Whiz are playing good cop and bad cop with me as my two dolls are grabbing at my getaway sticks asking that same damn question, “What’s for dinner?”

The ticking clock and the low snarl of a tummy growl sounds like a souped-up Duesenberg turning up the heat in my head until it’s like Arizona asphalt in August. I fight the temptation to give in to convenience at first, then bend… then snap…reaching for that box in the freezer that promises “5 minutes” in the microwave.

The guilt of the decision is already starting to coat my tongue like an oddball spice. Guilt, you realize, tastes like tarragon on toast.

You have probably also been to that little slice of Heaven that is leaving the house in the morning with the slow cooker already starting to do its thing. That feeling only gets better when you get home after work and open the door to the smell of roasted chicken and vegetables. The kids don’t ask “what’s for dinner”, the question becomes, “when can we eat?”.

The difference between the two scenes is planning, preparation and a little help from Local & Fresh. We can help with online ordering and home delivery of local food, but our selection of “Stock Boxes” will make it even easier to answer the question, “What’s for supper?”.

When you shop the Local & Fresh online store, you can choose from a number of Stock Boxes that have all that you need to prepare a meal of nutritious and delicious local food. For example, the “Sunday Dinner Stock Box” has a beautiful whole Hutterite chicken, carrots, potatoes, and a loaf of artisanal bread. There is probably enough in there for chicken sandwiches on Monday too.

The “Homemade Pizza Stock Box” has amazing organic flour from R+J Mills, Camelina oil from Three Farmers, Mushrooms from Stellar Gourmet, and Chèvre from Salayview. You can still shop the shelves of the Local & Fresh store and choose the items you want – but the Stock Boxes give you the opportunity to shop by meal, and with a few clicks you can plan out a week, or even a month in advance.

You can set the Stock Boxes to be a recurring item in your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly delivery so you can build a monthly grocery list one meal at a time, and know that you have the ingredients on hand.

We are looking to add more Stock Boxes to the list. If you have a favourite combination of local flavours, drop us a line at info@localandfresh and share your ideas for a Stock Box.

Andrew Rathwell