Thanks for a tremendous first week!

Thank you to everyone who ordered product on our first week of deliveries. I hope you enjoyed the gifts and samples for first time customers as much as you enjoyed your local food favourites.

There has only been one other time when I have experienced the same mix of and joy and concern in the same week: when we brought our first son home from the hospital. It had a similar blend of “oh boy isn’t this amazing” and “where the hell do we keep the baby powder?!” Although this week, it was the cucumbers that proved elusive for a time.

By the close of the week on Sunday, I was reminded again why it is that we are building this company: the food. Sunday breakfast at our house was a shining example of why we believe in making it easier for you to eat local, and in doing so strengthen the local food system.

It started with coffee: Caliber’s Huehuetenango, roasted in Regina just days before. Fresh and fabulous. It’s also just fun to say “way-way-ten-ango”.

Before I even get to making the pancake batter, the way the R & J Mills flour hits the bowl tells me that it is something special. I’m no baker, but it looks “better. It’s probably because it’s certified organic grain, made in small batches and shipped just 40 kilometres from where it was milled. The way that it turns into fluffy pancakes that the kids gobble up is the true test.

The Over the Hill Orchards blueberry topping wasn’t the only reason the boys went back for another stack (Dad inwardly smiling at their inadvertent healthier choice instead of gooey bottled syrup).

What’s a Sunday breakfast without bacon? The Pine View Farms bacon is what bacon used to be. There is actual meat on the thick slices and the package is actually a pound – not an ever shrinking package of thinly sliced pork fat.

The yolks in the free range eggs have a beautiful hue that tells you the chickens were eating what the chickens like to eat – not what they have been force fed in their confinement cube. But it is the taste that is the true difference. All eggs are not equal, no matter what the big box tells you.

Whether you are a Local & Fresh customer motivated by climate change, supporting the local economy, healthy choices, convenience or you are my mom and kind of have to order from us: taste is the common ground. Local food tastes better.

After Sunday’s breakfast, I was pretty fired up to start another week of strengthening the local food system…well after a quick nap. It was a big breakfast.

Looking forward to week two!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out all the new products we added this week, including, local tea from TeaLife, mustards and vinaigrettes from Sprout catering, roasted chickpeas from Three Farmers and dried cherries from Hill Berry Acres!