100% Grass Finished Beef is hard to come by in Saskatchewan and we are so pleased to be able to offer Box H Farms Beef through Local and Fresh.  Box H Farms is located by Gladmar, Saskatchewan, and is owned by Mark and Laura Hoimyr and their two children Anna and Jeremy.  We have worked with Box H to create “Meat Boxes”.   As a small beef producer, it is important that they sell the whole animal when marketing their beef and so creating variety meat boxes is one way that we can ensure that every cut is getting sold in proportion to the other cuts on the animal.

Here is a list of the products available

Everyday Mixed Meat Box

10 lb Grass Finished Ground Beef Box

Slow Cooker Meat Box

Grass Finished Burger Patties


The following is a bit of the Box H Story

About 8 or 9 years ago Mark and Laura Hoimyr and Carla and I took a ranching course together that really transformed each of our businesses.  We met again this spring and it is awesome to see how Mark and Laura have taken their property and transformed it through holistic management of the grasslands and a focus on sustainability.

Box H Farms is located in the Missouri Coteau about as far South as Saskatchewan goes!  With a combination of native prairie, tame grasses and annual crops Mark and Laura are in a perfect position to produce 100% grass finished beef.

100% grass finished beef takes the right types of grasslands and a huge commitment to grasslands management in order to effectively produce an amazing product.   Mark and Laura are certainly committed to producing top notch Grass Finished beef and it shows in the finished product!

Box H Farms and Mark and Laura and Family have recently been recognised for their efforts in environmental stewardship of their land.  They won the 2017 Saskatchewan Environmental Stewardship Award (TESA award).  After years of commitment to this goal of building a more sustainable ranch I am SO happy for the Hoimyr Family.  This award is proof to the passion that I have seen and felt while walking through their pastures and amongst their livestock with Mark.  We wish them all the best as they compete in Calgary for the National award later this month!

Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association 2017 Environmental Stewardship Award 

Recipient is Mark and Laura Hoimyr and family, Box H Land & Livestock.
Extending the grazing season sustainably, and improving soil health are two priorities at Box H Land & Livestock. Based in the brown soil zone in southern Saskatchewan, the ranch is situated on the southwest boundary of the Missouri Coteau landscape, in the Gladmar area. The ranch is primarily a livestock operation made up of native mixed grass prairie, tame forages, and annual cropland that is planted to forages. This family run operation involves Mark and Laura’s two children Anna & Jeremy, and Mark’s parents. They have been working at extending their grazing season to reduce wintering costs. With careful planning, they have managed to convert much of the marginal farmland to perennial forages, which has helped conserve soil, and build up organic matter for improving water infiltration and soil productivity. They have developed buried waterlines, implemented rotational grazing systems, cross fences and alternative wintering systems. They are big proponents of improving soil health, and continuously are adapting new practices for soil health like planting annual cover crops and grass management to extend grazing. Box H Land & Livestock completed the Environmental Farm Plan, and has worked with numerous groups to complete projects that improve both the environment and their ranching operation, as well as Ducks Unlimited Canada and Water Security Agency on various projects in the area.