“The core values behind our Three Farmers brand are value added agriculture, natural and sustainable growing, healthy and wholesome foods and traceable products. But the real emphasis of our brand is on the farming experience, fostering close relationships with our customers, and giving back to our communities in the many different ways we know how.”

-The Three Farmers

The Three Farmers are Dan Vandenburk , Colin Rosengren and Ron Emde. They are all neighbours with family farms in the Midale area. It was Rosengren who came up with the idea of growing camelina seed-after he had heard about it a seminar.

The result is camelina oil, a relatively new introduction to the Canadian market. What makes camelina the perfect cooking oil? The light, nutty, earthy tones of the coldpressed camelina oil make it easy to include into your every day diet and all your favourite meals. It can easily be used to replace any other cooking oil and makes every dish memorable.

For salads, dips, dressing and marinades, camelina oil captures the freshness of spring in every bite. And for stirfrying, sauteeing, roasting and grilling, the oil stands up to the heat to retain all of its nutrients and flavour. Three Farmers is your salad oil, your cooking oil and your healthy, Omega3 supplement wrapped into one great tasting product.

Three Farmers are strong believers in “Farm to Fork”. Farm to Fork is a movement focused on connecting consumers with all stages of food production – from growing, to harvesting to processing to consuming. Rather than just making a claim on the label, they want to show customers where their food came from and what the process was in creating it.

That’s why they have made it possible to simply enter your product code and find out exactly who made your Three Farmers product and where. All you have to do is look for trace code on the back of your Three Farmers product.

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