I am no biologist or chemist – but it doesn’t take a “scientician” to see the correlation between what you eat and how you feel. But did you know that what you eat can also determine how much of it you eat?

New research is putting the scientific support behind what we’ve subconsciously known for years: when you eat nutrient-dense foods, you eat less of them.

Our bodies intuitively know when they are getting the nutrients they need and send the signal to the brain to stop eating. Conversely, when you are eating food that doesn’t have the nutrients your body needs, it sends the signal to keep eating that cardboard pizza or salty, salty snack treat as it searches in vain for the nutrients it is looking for.

“The Dorito Effect” is a fascinating new book that outlines this and more, but I bet you have seen this effect first hand at your dinner table.

The science shows that the human body has some brilliant mechanisms to make sure you get the nutrients we need (ask a pregnant woman about cravings) – but you can help it by choosing fresh foods grown for their freshness, flavour and nutrient density.

Local & Fresh is about making it easier to make those choices. This week we are highlighting some new flavours and some old favourites that pack a nutritional punch.

Choo-it – High Octane Oatmeal
Choo-it is a Saskatchewan company that started in 2005 after founder Craig Campbell’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and he began to research natural foods and their healing properties. Ten years later Choo-it has a growing line of Saskatchewan oatmeal products including a baked granola for a snack or topping on your yogurt and granola bites for a healthy snack.

Hemp Hearts
Hemp hearts may be the “new hotness” in healthy eating, but humans have been eating hemp for thousands of years. The small grains have a soft texture and nutty taste with 10 grams of plant protein and 10 grams of Omegas in a 30 gram serving. We’re pleased to add hemp hearts to the line up in a 227 gram container as a nutritional topping for salads, cereal or yogurt.

No list of superfoods would be complete with the ancient grain that no one seems to ever pronounce or spell right: quinoa. I wonder if we’d eat more of this sweet, nutty and nutritionally dense (it contains all nine essential amino acids) food if was called “Awesome Grain”or at least spelled it “Keen-wah”. We carry Norquin’s Saskatchewan-grown quinoa products including: quinoa flakes, golden quinoa and crispy quinoa.

Nutrient Density in the Pantry – Flour and Pasta
While we are in the pantry aisle, how are your staples looking? The certified organic white flour from R&J Milling from Riceton is a visibly a better quality flour before you even see how this locally milled flour performs – and more importantly, tastes.

Osler’s Delloy pasta is another example where the quality and nutrient density of the product has the effect that you actually eat less. The wide egg noodles, and whole wheat noodles have become pantry staples in our house in place of the “sawdust noodles from far away”.

Chicken that tastes like chicken
The Dorito Effect devotes a good deal of attention to how we have somehow lost the true flavour of chicken. The Southland Colony chicken remains an example of how chicken used to (and should) taste: incredible. Try it on the bar-b-que as a “Beer Can Chicken” . You might want to replace the beer in that can with some Rebellion Brewing Craft beer though.

Don’t forget your Vegetables – Cocktail Tomatoes
There is no better example in my mind of the difference that local and fresh makes than the Floating Gardens cocktail tomato. I will admit that I thought I was not a tomato fan – but it turns out that is just because I was eating grocery store tomatoes that were grown for their ability to travel 3000 miles and still look like a tomato – rather than for their taste and nutrient value. When you bite into these juicy tomatoes you can almost hear your taste buds and the nutrient receptors in your brain crying out THANK YOU!

No, thank you!
As always, thank you for your support as we build a better local food network. The response to the addition of local eggs, bread and cheese to the delivery vehicle has been great. Are there other products you would like us to add to the truck for sale? Drop us a line at info@localandfresh.ca