Summer is really, truly, officially ON.

No school, (are they bored yet?) sunny days and long evenings are some of the best things about this crazy rectangle we call home. The other great thing about July: all of the gardens are coming on.

How’s your garden doing? The tomatoes at our house are a bit sad, but luckily we have a few friends who really have a way with vegetables. And berries. And lettuce. And this stuff is harvested at an amazing rate.

Garden Varieties
We’ve got beautiful produce, fresh from wonderful producers like The Green Ranch, Floating Gardens and the Lajord Colony. Fresh-picked, new, and baby produce that has come straight from a nearby field or greenhouse will make your salad, your plate, and your snacking come alive with summer flavours.

Peas (unshelled)

Peas (shelled)

New potatoes

Gourmet mix

Baby Butterhead Lettuce

“Dog” Days of Summer

Traditionally, the long, hot days of July & August are called the “dog days” of summer, which we think must mean hot dogs somehow. If tube steak isn’t your thing, order a Southland Colony chicken and open a beverage for its, ahem, backside – easiest meal you’ll make all year. Order both and invite some friends over!

Hot dogs

Whole Chicken  

Add Some Flavour
Whether it’s a quick snack for a picnic or you’re feeding a crowd at the lake, we have some easy, local sauces and dip mixes that pair well with veggies and meat, and are an easy addition to a snack tray. We have no idea how they do it, but Trogi salsas taste amazingly fresh right out of the jar — which means more quality time in the hammock for you.

Trogi Foods Salsa

Chatty’s chicken curry

Angela’s Own Dips

Remember that you can skip deliveries if you will be on vacation (in the My Shopping Cart section of your account) or even better, stock up in the Bulk Aisle to make sure you have everything you need for your time away.

Have a great week!

The Local & Fresh Team