While the primary purpose of Local & Fresh may be building a stronger local food network, we can’t help but notice that there are some added benefits to home delivery of local food – like less trips to the grocery store!
As we grow the products we offer we hope to make it easier and easier to say goodbye to the big box store, or at least go there a lot less. We are pleased to add another grocery staple to the line up this week.
Saaaay cheese!

Bothwell Cheese

We are now delivering Bothwell cheese – one of the last artisanal Canadian cheese makers. They have been making cheese just over the border in Manitoba since 1936. We have added Cheddar, Mozzarella pizza cheese and cheese curds . For the next week they are available at an introductory price.

Craibstone Creamery

While we are in our growing dairy case, we are thrilled add a beautiful natural yoghurt from Craibstone Creamery. The only thing more delightful than the Scottish brogue of Jim, Liz and their daughter Anne is their sheep’s milk dairy products made in Fillmore Saskatchewan. We’ve added a 500 ml container of natural yoghurt. It has a wonderfully mild and creamy texture that is rich and has a high nutrient density. The sheep at the Craibstone Creamery are pasture-fed and their diet includes flax which give the yoghurt a higher Omega 3 content. We will be sampling the yoghurt with deliveries this week and hope to add a selection of their cheese soon.

More bread options

We’ve heard great things on the doorstep (and at our kitchen table) about Northgate Bakery’s daily breads and buns. The response has been so good we’ve decided to offer a bulk option for those of you who like to stock up. We now have a value priced frozen four-pack of 60% whole wheat and a frozen-four-pack of white for $9.

Saltine Sourdough all week long

We have opened up the delivery dates for Saltine’s incredible sourdough breads. You can get the Raisin Pecan Sourdough or the Three Seed Sourdough delivered on all routes.

The Green Ranch rides again!

The full bounty of the fields is still a tantalizing few weeks away but we are excited to have Green Ranch Pea Shoots and Green Ranch Micro Mix leading the charge to start the season. The flavour packed micro green mix is a blend of pea, radish, arugula, broccoli, cabbage, kale, clover, and mustard shoots. The pea-shoots are a great addition to a salad or to add a little “wow” to your sandwich.

While you are thinking about the season’s early entries,  The Floating Gardens Cocktail Tomatoes are a delicious start to the tomato season.

Beer and Bar-b-que Season

Bar-b-que seasons is finally upon us! We’ve got you covered with local options like Lang’s Hot Dogs, PineView Chicken Smokies, Wildest Steelhead Trout, J&J garlic sausage and perhaps growler of Rebellion Brewing craft beer (wheat, amber, stout) to sip on the deck while you wait for your bar-b-que to warm up.

Forgot something? – What would you like to see on the truck?

Even the best meal-planner can get caught short when it comes to some of the staple items. Starting next week, we will be carrying bread, eggs, and cheese on the delivery van in case you need to supplement your order with some staples. What other items would you like to see available from the Local & Fresh Mobile Market? Drop us a line at info@localandfresh.ca or give us a Tweet @fresh2home.

Thanks for helping us build a better local food network!