Egg Salad for the Win
It’s soccer season for us, so we’re always looking for ways to grab a quick supper before our little player hits the field. Egg salad is easy and filling, and three out of four in our family will happily have an egg salad sandwich any day (number four gets to make his own sandwich, which makes him happy)!

Always left the egg salad to Grandma or the nice lunch counter people? It’s soooo easy.

We hard boil 6 – 10 eggs at a time to make a lot of egg salad and to have a few extra hard boiled eggs around for handy protein for snacking or grab-and-go breakfasts. If you just want egg salad and that’s all, 6 eggs will get you more than enough to make sandwiches for four people.

Brown eggs

Hello, lovelies!

Feel free to explore all those internet egg “hacks” but this tried-and-true way yields egg-cellent (sorry) results.

Place eggs in the bottom of a pot large enough to hold them, but not too big, so they don’t crash into each other and crack when the water boils. Top with cold water, enough to be about an inch over top of the eggs. Place the pot on the element and heat to boiling. When water boils, set your timer for 9 minutes. (If you’re the only one in the family who appreciates a good runny yolk, dip yourself an egg out at the 3-minute mark and secretly enjoy that sunny beauty while the rest cook).

Boiling eggs

Eggs in the hot tub

After nine minutes, cool eggs rapidly (this gets you making egg salad faster and prevents those icky rings around the yolk) by running cold water over them, then letting them sit in the cold bath for about 10 minutes.

Get Cracking
Crack and peel the eggs (again, see the internet for 10,000 “easy” ways, but this is how I roll) by tapping the broad end on a counter or board, then peeling away the shell. Rinse each egg to make sure you got all the shells off.

All you need for super simple egg salad is salt, pepper and mayonnaise, but there are a couple of zippy variations on egg salad at the end if you want to change it up! Diced green onions, a bit of dry mustard, or diced pickles add great flavour too.

Put 6 eggs into a bowl and use a pastry cutter to make quick work of the dicing. (If you don’t have one, get a pastry cutter, because you’re an adult now and there’s no need to fear pastry, but also, you can chop the eggs by hand.)

Cutting eggs

Super simple chopping

Gently fold in the mayo, salt, pepper and any other additions. Spoon and spread on bread, tortillas, or into lettuce leaves and enjoy!
Serves 4 – 6.  Want to change it up? Try Devilled Egg salad or Curry Egg Salad.

Hard cooked eggs, peeled or unpeeled, keep for up to a week in the fridge. (Best in a sealed container as they do give off that “eggy” whiff). Egg salad is fine for up to five days in the fridge in a sealed container.

egg salad

Let’s eat!

Bon appetit!

The Local & Fresh Team