Original Caerphilly Cheese Wedge – Saskatoon Spruce

$14.18 /PKG

Wedges are sold by weight; average just under half a pound for a price of roughly $15.00.

Whole raw Saskatchewan Milk, crafted into mild Welsh Caerphilly cheese. A very versatile cheese, we find that it is best served after allowing it to come to room temperature. Served as part of a charcuterie with chutney or marmalade, the flavour gets more robust with each bite!

A true cheese artisan, Kevin Petty trained with the monks of Notre-Dame des Prairies in Manitoba. He has perfected his favorite style, creating a mild white hard cheese. The cheese is a perfect consistency for slicing, crumbling and melting. Each wheel is aged a minimum two months in a climate controlled room, resting on custom cut spruce boards (from Big River, SK).

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