Cheang’s – Bejing-Style Pork Noodle Bowl 400g


Now in a 6-pack! These South American favourites are a life-saver when you are looking for a fast meal on the run or just a better alternative to a pizza pop!
The chickurry empanada is packed full of ground chicken breast simmered in curry sauce and rice, seasoned with Latino sofrito and surrounded in traditional dough!

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*NEW* Pork seasoned well enough to be served in the capital.
Ingredients: Noodle, Water, Ground Pork, Cucumber, Carrot,
Smoked Tofu, Green Onion, Dried Mushroom, Vegetable Oil, Egg,
Sweet Bean Paste, Soy Sauce, Sugar, Garlic, Corn Starch, Hoisin
Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Salt, Pepper