Energization Blend Tea – Boreal Heartland – 30g


This unique tea has elements of birch sugars, rose, and root beer blended into a great herbal medley. It will help boost your energy and handle everyday stress as well as provide urinary health. Rose hips are great for energy and high in Vitamin C while Birch is anti inflammatory and good for those with high cholesterol. Bearberry helps with bladder function. Wild Sarsaparilla is the star of the show, and acts as a stimulant, providing energy. It is from the ginseng family and is medicinally similar but more subtle.  Indigenous people used the roots to provide stamina during extended hunting excursions. Its has been studied in Saskatchewan and has proven effective in the laboratory against colon cancer and leukemia cells. The Woodland Cree call it Rabbit Root and it is rumored to increase libido, particularly in males. As with all of our teas, Energization Blend is Caffeine free.

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