The garden bounty is coming in every day, and it’s starting to get pretty fast and furious! We’re starting every day greeting our producers and friends as they bring in amazing, fresh-picked produce grown right here in our province.

To find out with just a click what’s the freshest of the fresh, use the new “Fresh from the Field” category on our site. You can also check out the “Vegetables” section to see the full bounty. The absolute best part of all this is the freshness. These items were picked, packed and had a short trip into Regina – and that’s it. No lengthy cold storage, no road trip in a truck across the continent. Add a few to your cart and we know you will taste the difference – plus you’re supporting producers who live in your city and province.

Our thanks to Souljah Organics, Heliotrope Organics, Fresh From the Garden, Green Sister Gardens, Floating Gardens, Campbell Greenhouses, Pioneer Gardens and Lajord and Waldeck Colonies for sharing their amazing bounty! Here are some quick direct links to the items in the store (just click the pic to be taken to the item):

shelled peas
Freshly shelled peas…

Waldeck carrots…
purple carrots
Souljah Organics purple carrots…

Heliotrope organic kohlrabi,

Plus many, many more!

Bon appetit!