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This week, we’d like to introduce you to some tasty little numbers: crunchy snack peas from Zak Organics.

Who hasn’t eaten peas by the handful, right out of the pod, fresh from the garden? These are peas you won’t have to wait for, and they are a unique and flavourful snack food.

Zak Organics is the creation of fourth-generation Saskatchewan farmers Marilyn & Allen Zak. They began making their snacks with a simple goal: create a clean, healthy alternative to typical snack food. Naturally rich in protein, iron and fiber, whole green peas were selected to be the their first line-up of snacks. They use only the best organic ingredients, and dress every bag of Crunchy Peas in aromatic natural herbs and spices.

Zak Organics’ Crunchy Green Peas are available in three very snack-able flavours: Smoky BBQ, Sea Salt & Lime, and Garden Herb. We’ve tried them all, as we do with all of the products we carry, and it seems everyone on the team has a favourite, but Garden Herb has the lead by a slight margin. We can also confirm that they are kid-tested and approved! Pleasantly crunchy, these snacks are easy to eat on the go, and are the perfect swap for whatever savoury, crunchy treat you usually enjoy.

All Zaks products are USDA and Canada Organic Certified, and free from trans-fat, cholesterol, dairy, gluten and artificial flavours or colours. Now that’s a snack that’s easy to feel good about.