Welcome back to Producer Profiles!

This week we’re doing things a bit differently – we want to share the joy (and the bounty) of all the wonderful, fresh-from-the-field items that are coming in every day! (Now that’s fresh.)

One of the best things about Local & Fresh is getting to know all of the producers who are making the food we eat. Every day at our warehouse, it’s a little bit of a party (yes, a veggie party, we’re nerds like that) as our friends and producers arrive with what’s bursting out of their gardens. That means it’s fresh-picked, fresh packed, and out the door to you in no time.

Here’s what’s rolling up to our doors this week, so it can roll out to yours:

Beans of Many Colours
Steam up a rainbow of field-fresh beans! We’ve got yellow, green and purple beans coming in and they are gorgeous, and definitely nothing like those canned ones that you had to gag back as a kid. And, fun with food: the purple ones will turn green when you cook them! Magic beans! Available in one or two pound bags.

Chop, Slice, Eat!
Also fresh and ready right now are the slicer tomatoes from “Fresh From the Garden” (both a business name and a description), wee, tender baby potatoes from Lajord Colony, and peppery arugula from Green Sister Gardens.

Eat Your Crucifers
We are eagerly awaiting fresh cut broccoli and cauliflower (should be coming in later today) so keep an eye on our Vegetable section to pop some in your cart! Here’s a great recipe for parmesan-roasted cauliflower.

Bon appetit!