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This week we have a savoury story that you could say is even “spicy”: we are pleased to announce that we are now carrying Splendor Garden organic dried herbs and spices from Watson, Saskatchewan!

Company Founder Colleen Haussecker fought a life-changing battle with breast cancer, and while she was recovering, she thought more and more about how the food we eat truly affects the health of our bodies. Colleen tells the story on the Splendour Garden web site:

“Going through the whole cancer experience makes one look at the nutritional value that can be derived from different food sources. In my search to educate myself on the health benefits of different foods, I realized that we were missing out on the huge health benefits that could be derived from spices and herbs by making our meals Deliciously Spicier!”

Read the full story here.

Haussecker advocates for everyone to use a wider array of herbs and spices in their cooking, rather than just reaching for more salt or butter. A well-spiced dish is its own reward: the rich flavours that come from the spices make a satisfying, flavourful meal and the spices enrich and enhance the flavours of your recipe. Haussecker says she is still constantly learning and evolving her understanding of herbs and spices, a philosophy that we share here at Local & Fresh when it comes to local food products. When we began our own journey with our business nearly two years ago, we did not anticipate that we would be able to add 1,000 locally made products to our store – without looking very hard!

All of the spices and seasoning blends that Splendor Garden makes are certified organic, nut free, gluten free, and produced in a nut free and gluten free facility.
You can find recipes for every meal on the Splendor Garden web site.

Check out our selection of their products in “The Spice Rack“.

If you see something you would like us to carry, drop us a note at info@localandfresh.ca and we’ll help you spice things up!

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