I grew up spending a lot of time on my Uncle’s dairy farm. I have so many fond memories of milking cows, feeding baby calves with a bottle, spreading fresh straw for the cows and calves. To me, dairy farms in Saskatchewan exemplify the true meaning of a family farm. Dairy farming is a family effort and commitment.  There are little jobs that kids can take part in, and often several generations are present and participating.   

The dairy industry in Saskatchewan is going strong, and Dairyland has had a huge part in supporting local Saskatchewan farms over the years. This year, Dairyland celebrates its 100th anniversary.  Here at Local & Fresh, we are excited to be starting our relationship with Dairyland Milk. (And you are too, judging from customer response – thank you!)

We strive to tell the unique stories of each producer and product we offer, but when it comes to milk, it’s a little bit different in our province and our nation. The formation of the Canadian Milk Board makes it challenging for dairy farmers to sell single-source milk from just one farm. However, we can tell you that the Dairyland milk in our store is collected from family farms throughout the province and is bottled in Saskatoon. One such family farm is my cousin’s dairy at Fort Qu’appelle, Saskatchewan, Springbrook Farms (that’s where the photo of our spokescows is from).

Thank you to all of our customers for your enthusiastic and early embrace of Dairyland products, and for your helpful feedback letting us know you’d like more! It was a long road to dairy, and you were with us every step of the way. Now we’re happy to say we’re bringing the “milkman” back! Or the milk person, or milk delivery…you get the idea. To add Dairyland milk or cottage cheese to your next order, just visit the “Dairy & Eggs” section on our site.

See you on your doorstep!