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This week, co-founder Andrew Rathwell offers his take on a product we sell…and sell a lot to ourselves! We are pleased to introduce you to Trogi Foods Salsas. Here’s Andrew:

I sometimes think there is magic local food. The science geek in me knows that can’t be true – but sometimes it hard to explain why it is so good. The best explanation I can offer (beyond magic) is that there is a powerful combination of passionate people producing food they love and fresh and nutrient-dense ingredients. However, I still think there is a little magic in every jar of Trogi Salsa. How else can you explain how the salsa can taste so fresh out of a jar you would swear you just made it yourself?

The Trogis began making salsa in the ‘90s and fine-tuned it over the past two decades. They are currently building a new larger facility in Regina to manage the growing demand for their incredible salsas. In our house, it has become another pantry staple that makes it easy to support local – rather than food-from-far-away.

Customers choose Trogi Salsa time and time again for its fresh flavour, great texture and natural ingredients. As families look for good food and good nutrition, they appreciate that Trogi Salsa has no preservatives, low sodium and is gluten free.

Trogi Foods currently produces three varieties of Trogi Salsa:
·         ‘Original’ tomato based salsa – mild to medium
·         ‘Hot’ tomato based salsa – same great flavour with more heat
·         ‘Mango’ – mango/pineapple fruit salsa

Visit the Trogi web site to learn more and see some great recipes using their salsa.