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This week we are pleased to introduce you to Pine View Farms All Natural Meats. Kevin & Melanie Boldt farm near Osler. All of their poultry and livestock are raised on a healthy, vegetarian diet, free of growth-promoting medications and hormones in a low-stress environment. They ship directly to stores throughout Saskatchewan, and Local & Fresh is privileged to be one of only four stores in Regina that offer their amazing products.

“We are on a journey striving towards better living and sustainability,” say the Boldts. “This farm is a reflection of our personal values and beliefs.” They back that reflection with their farm slogan: Eat What You Believe.

Their farm site originally belonged to Kevin’s great grandparents, who settled there 1901. Kevin & Melanie are the fourth generation to farm their land near Osler. Although the farm has changed over the years, they continue the family tradition of producing safe, high quality, abundant food for themselves and their customers. They believe in treating the land as a renewable resource, caring for animals humanely, not feeding unnecessary drugs and never using growth hormones. Read more about their products and philosophy here.

Pine View’s commitment to their farm and food products elevates the “every day” to the extraordinary. If you haven’t tried Pine View from us before, now is the time. There is a special first time order price on their incomparable grass-fed, extra lean ground beef as well as chicken breasts from poultry fed a mix of whole wheat, barley, flax, peas, vegetable proteins, vitamins and minerals.

We will also have fresh turkeys from Pine View coming in for delivery the week of December 19. You can reserve your turkey now by ordering here (price will vary based on weight).

Bon appetit!