More than just bakery goods, Kneaded also offers a line up of tempting savoury flavours. One of our favourites is the quiche: smooth, savoury and super easy to prepare (just heat in your microwave or oven), they make great quick breakfasts, a good foundation for lunch, or a lovely alternative to making eggs & bacon on Sunday morning. Kneaded also bakes up amazing pizza wedges in several flavours. The pizza wedges are great when stored frozen; send some in your child’s lunch or take a slice for yourself when you know your co-workers plan on ordering in a gooey pie.

Kneaded is Regina’s specialty, certified gluten free bakeshop. Started by Sarah Clemens, Sarah knows what it can mean to have even a morsel of cross-contaminated goods enter your digestive system. That’s why they maintain a 100 per cent gluten free facility at all times. Sarah uses a proprietary blended gluten free flour to create some of the most amazingly delicious (yet gluten free) tastes around! While people who must maintain strict gluten free diets certainly appreciate the variety of baked treats from Kneaded, you only need taste buds to enjoy Kneaded products.

Kneaded is always working on new products, including expanding into a gluten free/dairy free line of products, for those who cannot tolerate either ingredient. All of Kneaded’s creations have one thing in common: the taste. We are proud to deliver a large selection of Kneaded’s products, and you can check out what we carry in the Gluten Free section of our site, but we also recommend a visit to see Sara and her team right in their bakery. You won’t miss the gluten and you won’t forget your experience!

A great way to sample everything: the Kneaded goodie tray
First time order special on a seasonal fave: egg nog waffles
First time order special on quiche too!