Welcome back to Producer Profiles!

This week, the profile is the equivalent of when the teacher pulled in the TV cart (or for some of us, the film projector). We’ll talk a little, but be sure to click through and enjoy the video at the end. Please, no sleeping in class!

Huron Poultry is run by the Huron Colony, one of Saskatchewan’s Hutterite colonies. Hutterites are experts in self-contained, self-sufficient communities, and their dedication to food production for both themselves and harvests that they share with their neighbours is inextricably linked with their way of life.

Huron Poultry, located on Huron Colony, near Brownlee, Saskatchewan, has elevated egg production to a standard that can be described as obsessed – in a good way. Ben Entz (whom we have nicknamed Egg Ben) developed his own grain-based feed blend for their hens, and that’s just the start of Huron Poultry eggs.

Check out their production process in this great video profile from Saskatchewan Egg Producers (our favourite part is when Ben talks about how he likes his eggs).