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Hanes Hummus is an “Original” Saskatoon success story with a “Hot Date” twist, and some “Garlic & dill” thrown in for good measure.

You might remember Hanes Hummus and Yohannes Petros from the legal battle he faced from the underwear giant of the same name (we think it’s pretty tough to get undies mixed up with hummus – follow the tale here). Late last year, Johannes won the right to retain the name for his hummus, though by any other name, it would still be as sweet…and savoury.

Yohannes used to make his hummus in his home kitchen, and although he took time and care to source the ingredients and perfect his recipes, he only ever served his special blends to family and friends. He was encouraged time and again to share his creations more widely, but he was content with being an excellent home hummus maker.

A move back to his hometown of Saskatoon in 2009 started him on the path to making hummus his business when a family member shared some with staff at the local restaurant where she worked. The restaurant became the first customer, and Hanes Hummus was officially in the business of selling Yohannes’ creations.

The business has grown over the years, expanding from Yohanne’s home kitchen to a commercial kitchen facility, and more and more orders came in for his trademark dish. Yohannes still sources the ingredients and makes the hummus, which is now being stocked by national retailers, and is available for delivery with your Local & Fresh order. Our favourite is the sweet heat in the Hot Date! flavour, but all three varieties (The Original, Roasted garlic & Dill and Hot Date) are a healthy, zingy dip or spread.

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With content from the Hanes Hummus web site at www.haneshummus.com