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This week, picture lovely Annaheim, covered in a pristine blanket of white snow…of course it is, we’re talking about Annaheim, SK! It’s where you’ll find Campbell Greenhouses and their amazing aquaponic greenhouses, and the fact they’re growing fresh lettuce in this part of the world in the winter time is even more magical than any California “kingdom”.

If you’ve had Campbell lettuce with your order before, you may remember the fish blowing bubbles on the label, which says “A fish grew this”. Aquaponics is a closed-loop growing system that mimics nature. The koi & tilapia fish swim in ponds of water (inside a comfortable, warm, grow house) and on the surface of the water, beds of lettuces and leafy greens grow. The plants’ root systems draw nutrients from the water, and the plants help to naturally filter the water, keeping it clean for the fish. Fish waste is filtered through a biofilter system, where it can be converted to good microorganisms that benefit the plants. Because they are grown indoors away from pests and threats of weather, all of Campbell’s products are pesticide-free.

Neil & Mary Campbell switched from growing bedding plants to aquaponic food production when they began to think about how much food, especially green and leafy food, Saskatchewan currently imports. They are truly helping to build a more sustainable food system in the province!

This week we are proud to announce the newest Campbell product: Salad to go with Leafy Greens boxes. Fresh greens, dried prairie sour cherries and a sprinkling of sprouts or microgreens, all conveniently packed in a box that’s ready to go when you are. Serves one person a big, green lunch or would make a lovely side salad for two. Just add your favourite dressing and salad is ready!

If you would like to see more of the fish doing their work, you can visit the Campbell Greenhouses site here.
Global News went out to Annaheim not long ago and made this feature video about the Campbells.
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