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This week we have a really “juicy” story about how to get more fresh fruit and vegetables into your body: cold-pressed juices from Glow Juicery!

Glow Juicery is a western Canadian franchise that originated in Edmonton, and the Regina expansion is in the very capable hands of Leslie Genoway, whom you might know from LG Fitness or her passion for ensuring that people get the right nutrition in their lives.

Glow’s storefront opened just a few months ago in southeast Regina, and in addition to cold-pressed juices, they offer a raw food menu of creations like soups, salads and snacks that are healthy, nutritious, and also delicious.

For Genoway, the quest for wellness is personal.

“I’ve always been interested and involved with health and wellness, and I got into juicing as another tool for clients on the nutrition side of things,” says Genoway. “I lost someone too soon and I choose to believe that if nutrition was a focus, had been part of their prescription, we would have had more time.”

A simple way to help boost your intake of healthy fruits and vegetables is cold-pressed juice. Between four and six pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables goes into every bottle of Glow juice.

“If you sat down and tried to get through all of that (6 pounds of veg), you might be there for a few hours,” laughs Genoway. “With the juices, you don’t have to eat it all, but you can get all of the nutritive value from a single serving.”

Glow also offers juice cleanse programs for 1 to 7 day cleanses. Read more about Glow cleanses here.

Glow’s philosophy of community support and using local ingredients when possible makes them a natural fit for Local & Fresh, and we are pleased to offer the full suite of Glow juices as well as some of their raw meals and snacks for delivery with your weekly order. For a limited time, customers can sample Glow Bites, energy-packed little balls of power snacking! Glow Bites are made with cashews, dates, coconut shreds, vanilla bean powder, maple syrup, spirulina and chlorella (Tripow). If one just isn’t enough, you can order a package of three delivered – or stop in to visit Leslie and her team at 338C University Park Drive.

Check out all of the Glow Juicery Juices on our site here, follow them on Twitter at @GlowJuicery and @GlowJuiceRegina or take a quick video tour of the Regina store with Leslie and our own Tim Shultz.